“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you formally for the work you have done in helping us set up a  quality management system that is not only tailored to our needs but is already showing efficiencies that benefit our company.

As an SME that believes in good business systems and practice, we had looked at ISO9001 but we found the costs in both time and money were prohibitive for ourselves, a small company with a view to expanding. Everyone in the company has come on board and embraced the systems introduced as part of SQMAS.

The  policies, objectives , measurement and analysis systems were straight forward to set up and offer us and our customers the security of knowing that we are not just operating in a structured environment but also always looking at continual improvement.“

John Davies
Operations Manager (Tigersons Limited)



“Having acquired ISO 9001 4 years ago and maintaining it since we finally dropped it this year after searching for a more suitable alternative, an alternative that more suited the needs of our company.

We found out about the SQMAS (Supplier Quality Management Audit Scheme), a more affordable, cost effective scheme that would better meet the needs of our business.

We often get asked to show evidence of quality control management whilst completing tenders for contracts, SQMAS would allow us to carry on doing this without the costs involved with ISO 9001 an accreditation we have all ways thought to much for a business of our size.”

Russell Roster
Director Nefyn Cleaning